AP Psychology Summer Reading

AP Psychology Summer Assignment

Welcome to AP Psychology!  This year should prove to be fun as well as educational.  This is college level work; therefore, I will treat you that way as well.  Completing assignments and meeting deadlines is your responsibility!  I will not accept any late work for the entirety of the year.  If you forget or leave your assignment somewhere when it is due it will not be accepted.  If you are absent you are still responsible for turning in your work.  The wonderful world wide web has made this possible.  My email is as follows: cmartin@tfd215.org and I DO CHECK E-MAIL IN THE SUMMER!  If you are absent, please email me to find out what we did in class.  We will move quickly finishing the entire book mid-April.  It is your responsibility to keep up on the readings and book notes!  If you do not plan to read in this course you will not be very successful.  Reading quizzes are given at random and often.  There will be one the first day of school. This assignment is due the first day of school, August 20th!

Mrs. Martin

Summer Assignment:

40 Studies Assignment
This assignment is due the first day of school, August 20th!

This summer you will explore some of the most important studies that have made the study of psychology so interesting and controversial at the same time. Of these 40 studies you will be responsible for reading and completing the questions for 5 different studies. 

The questions you must complete are on page three of the printable version of the assignment to your right. READ or PRINT this document to properly complete your assignment.


You can read any of the studies that interest you EXCEPT:

  • A Prison By Any Other Name
  • See aggression do Aggression

Book Information
These studies are from the book Forty Studies that changed Psychology: explorations into the history of psychological research by Roger Hock, 6th Edition. It is not required that you purchase this book.  PDF’s of these studies can be found online for you to print or read directly online.

********This is due the first day of school.  August 20, 2018************