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Final Exams:

Semester 1 Final Exam Review Guide

Semester 2 Final Exam Review Guide  


Study Tips

A-Layer Reference Sheet

Formal Lab Report Directions

Language of Biology

4th Quarter Binder Check

Unit 1: Introduction to Biology

1.3 Worksheet

1.1 Worksheet

Hypothesis Card Game Analysis & Conclusion Questions 
Science Articles 
Interpretating Data

A-Layer Directions

Introduction to Biology Test Study Guide

Unit 2: Organic Chemistry

Carbohydrate & Lipid Reading with Questions

Biomolecule Table

2.3 Worksheet

Molecules of Life

2.4 Worksheet

Enzyme Lab

Enzyme Lab Rubric

Enzyme Poster A-Layer Rubric

Biomolecule Children's Book Rubric

Chemistry Quest Study Guide

Unit 3: Cytology

Joe's Cell Article

Cell City Analogy Worksheet

Cell Theory Rap

7.2 Worksheet

7.3 Worksheet

Cell Structure & Transport Quest Study Guide

8.1 Worksheet

8.2 Worksheet

Photosynthesis Lab Report Rubric

Photosynthesis Lab Report Directions (ppt)

Graphing Directions - Excel 2007

Graphing Directions - Excel 97-03
Photosynthesis Review Worksheet
Photosynthesis Online Activity 

9.2 Worksheet
Cell Respiration Online Activity
Energy in a Cell Crossword

Photo & Resp Quest Review Sheet

10.2 Worksheet

Observing Phases of the Cell Cycle B-Layer

Mitosis Internet Lesson

Cancer Article with Questions

Stem Cell Article with Questions

Stem Cell WebQuest

Cell Division Quest Study Guide

Cytology Test Study Guide

Cytology A-Layer Directions
Cytology A-Layer Rubrics

Unit 4: DNA & RNA

DNA Extraction Lab Questions

12.2 Worksheet

DNA - the double helix Worksheet

12.3 Worksheet

DNA Foldable Directions

13.1 Worksheet

Coding DNA Worksheet 

13.2 Worksheet

DNA, Transcription, Translation Online Activity

13.3 Worksheet

Mutation Activity

DNA Crossword

DNA Test Study Guide

DNA A-Layer Rubrics

Jurassic Park Novel

Jurassic Park Reading Guide 

Jurassic Park Test Guidelines

Jurassic Park Project Directions

Unit 5: Genetics

Tour of the Basics WebQuest

11.1 Worksheet

Monohybrid Worksheet

11.2 Worksheet

Punnett Square Ratios vs Actual Ratios

Dihybrid Crosses Worksheet

11.4 Worksheet

Karyotype Internet Activity

Karyotype Cut & Paste Activity (you will have to print one 'normal' karyotype and one 'abnormal' karyotype below for the cut & paste)

Normal Karyotype - Female

Normal Karyotype - Male

Abnormal Karyotype - A

Abnormal Karyotype - B

Abnormal Karyotype - C

Abnormal Karyotype - D

Karyotype and Meiosis Internet Lab

11.3 Worksheet

Design a Species

Alien Families

Mendel Quest Study Guide

14.1 Worksheet

Human Blood Types Worksheet 

Sex-Linked Traits Worksheet

Pedigree Analysis Worksheet

14.2 Worksheet

Human Genetics Quest Study Guide

Pedigree Directions

Gene Therapy WebQuest

15.3 Worksheet

DNA Fingerprinting WebLab

Cloning WebLesson

15.2 Worksheet

15.1 Worksheet

15.4 Worksheet

Genetics A-Layer Directions

Genetics Unit Test Study Guide


Unit 6: Evolution

History of Life Web Lesson

Index Fossil Lab

Fossil Dating Practice Worksheet 

Geologic Time Scale Web Lesson

19.1 Worksheet

Origins of Life Article

PBS Video Essay

16.1 Worksheet

16.3 Worksheet

Darwin vs Lamarck Venn Diagram

Perspectives Article with Questions

16.4 Worksheet

Darwin's Evolution Quest Study Guide

17.2 Worksheet

19.2 Worksheet

Evolution A-Layer Directions

Evolution Test Study Guide

Unit 7: Ecology

3.1/3.2 Worksheet

Frayer Model for Consumers 

Ecology Crossword

Making Food Chains Worksheet

3.3 Worksheet

4.2/4.3 Worksheet

5.1/5.2 Worksheet

Biome Directions & Map

Biome Information Table

Ecology Quest Study Guide


Unit 8: Classification of Life

18.1/18.2 Worksheet

18.3 Worksheet

Invertebrate Table

26.1 Worksheet

Vertebrate Table

26.2 Worksheet

Quest Study Guide

Practical Dissection Study Pictures

A-Layer Rubrics 

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